Sunday, August 22, 2010

What's Your Purpose?

I had a little difficulty writing this topic in regular paragraph form.  It came as a poem instead.   The inspiration came from observing someone who has all the ingredients to live a comfortable life, yet there was something missing...... 

What's your purpose, do you know?
How can you answer, if you don't know.
You have what you want, what you thought makes you lucky,
Yet, why do you feel so blue and unlucky?
The answer to that lies deep within.
Go under the layers, not the top of the skin.
Listen real hard, for the answer is there,
It could be the one that makes you aware,
That you are a person, that can help others to
Be happier, healthier and appreciative too.
The persons who are unable to do it alone
Need someone like you, to help in their home,
Or maybe a visit, just to say hi.
They're very grateful that you stopped by.
A family that's hungry, no money to eat
Gets a box full of groceries, oh what a treat!
The dog or the kitty that's locked in the pound
Gives you those eyes, big, sad and round.
Your heart will melt and your eyes will tear
When they lick your face, from ear to ear.
The person with chemo, who cannot eat,
Loves your company, to fill the empty seat.
The crafts you make with precision and smart,
You give to the patient, with love in your heart.
The care package you send to the soldiers overseas,
Makes them happy, appreciative, and very pleased.
The firemen and policemen that protect our streets,
The EMT's, doctors, and nurses that do feats.
When you volunteer your help, they know they can count
On your sincere, kind services, without a doubt.
The smile you get back cannot compare
To the new shoes or jeans you no longer wear.
So you think you have it made, but not for long.
The others that have less, they've shown you they're strong.
So what is your purpose as you ask yourself tonight?
To make a difference with Love and to be their Light.
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