Sunday, August 8, 2010

Complete What You Can

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The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” – Stephen Covey 

Can you believe I'm behind?  Last week I had one of the most busiest schedules that happened in a long while.  So busy that, unfortunately, I fell 5 days behind on my 31DBBB challenge.  I put all my effort to try to keep up, but, struggling with priorities is hard when you're not a super-energetic, super multi-tasking person (like I use to be when I was younger).

My week started with a scheduled follow-up meeting with my career counselor to discuss more job hunting strategies.  I needed to put more effort towards checking the job boards and using social media.  Then throughout the rest of the week, I worked three separate events at the hospital where I volunteer.  I didn't think I would be overwhelmed.  I was wrong.  The time I put in for these activities barely allowed me any energy left to check in on my blogging activities.

I have a tendency to be very demanding on myself and push myself too hard to complete a task.  If I allowed myself to end the day without completing my task, I would be upset and take a "failure to complete" attitude.  I had to finish what needed to be completed.  I was not comfortable with being backlogged.  That was the mindset that I accustomed myself to, and it was learned through the work environment from my previous job.

Now, I realize that it is not worth the extra pressure on my health and well-being to stress over something I'm not able to complete.  I had to stop making those kind of demands on myself, especially if it related to my personal life.  I changed my thoughts and began to commend myself on what I did accomplish.  If I couldn't get to the next task, then I would just do it the next day.  I completed what I could, and that's considered the achievement for me.

Looking back, there were two bright spots that came from my busy week.  My career counselor paid me a compliment that I was the first of his clients to actually start a blog.  And, at the end of the week, I got a job lead through a network connection for a part-time bookkeeper.

For the next few weeks I will be making some ongoing adjustments to accommodate job hunting, daily tasks, volunteer activities, and my blogging more comfortably.  I am striving to have a more manageable schedule.  

I'll be continuing the 31DBBB challenge by reading the chapters on my own.  It has been wonderful keeping up with the challenge and all the other great ladies participating.  I am not quitting; just learning in a more relaxed pace.

My lessons from last week:  

1.  Complete what you can and feel good about your progress.  
2.  Don't worry about what's left.  Finish the uncompleted tasks the next day, or start fresh all over again. 
3.  Give yourself permission to take a needed "break." 
4.  Make it a habit to see achievement and progress, not unfinished tasks.

How do you bloggers cope with a busy schedule?  Do you make the time to read other blogs, respond to comments, come up with new ideas for topics while maintaining all your daily routine activities?  Since I'm going to adjust my daily schedule, it would be most helpful to hear some of your great suggestions.  


  1. I'm still trying to find my way ~ what I've heard from some is to schedule your posts (use the option to use a later publish date so you can do a few at a time) and utilize Google Reader. I haven't mastered these yet since I'm new:) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Kaelin, I know how you feel, I'm still learning too! Just take your time, it'll all make more sense as we gain more experience.

  3. Congrats on the part-time job! I don't have many tips for you as far as blogging around work. I am currently out of work on medical leave so I have a good bit of time!


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