Sunday, August 1, 2010

5 Ways to Rest, Retreat, and Recharge

A fully charged battery will always eventually lose its power.  The same thing happens to our motivation.  We operate and carry on doing our responsibilities until one day, there isn't any energy in us at all.  This happened to me last week.  Was it all the running around from doing errands and appointments?  Sure.  Was the weight of always being strong and dependable and positive all the time getting too heavy?  Yes, more likely than not.  Whatever the reason, it's time to stop and recharge.

Sometimes I feel like shutting out the world and curling up to be alone.  I acknowledge those feelings, yet I make an effort to try not to act on it.  For me, the better way is to try to distract myself by spending time with me.  Here are 5 ways that I do to rest, retreat, and recharge:

1.  Stay off the computer.  With all the email alerts, I have to read and clear so much from my incoming box everyday.  And now that I blog (which I love by the way), it can be more time consuming because of reading and creating and participating.  And with Twitter or Facebook, here's another area I have to check to see what's going on there.  Honestly, I think I spend as much time on the computer doing cleanup/followup, no wonder I'm overwhelmed.  I stay away from the computer.

2.  Get out and savor being YOU.  Get away and enjoy the scenery.  Go to the mall, or to the park or wherever its pleasant.  This moment is for You!  One thing I appreciate is going out to breakfast.  I find it refreshing and energizing to start the day with a good breakfast in a relaxed and laid-back environment.  Sit outside, if possible, and feel the cool morning air.  But do it for You!

3.  Talk with a friend.  We know that sharing your feelings with a good friend is therapeutic. Meet up at Starbucks or any favorite coffee place, where you can just chat.  You can distract yourself by listening to your friend's stories.  Have a good time with the company you have.

4.  Meditate.  I try to meditate daily.  Some people don't like to meditate because it's perceived that you have to sit for hours with your legs crossed and chant all day.  This is not the way I meditate.  I like to lie down in a comfortable position, close my eyes and listen to soft music.  I focus only on my breathing.  It helps lower my blood pressure and calms the noise in my head.  Your meditation could be as simple as working on a craft project, or tending the garden.  Whatever is best, do it for you.

5.  Surrender your thoughts to Heaven.  We're not alone in the Universe, and our Creator is with us all the time.  You don't need to wait for Sunday to pray.  Just ask for help anytime and let go of the heaviness.  God does the rest.  He does hear our prayers.

These are just a few of my ways to recharge, but everyone has their own.  Whenever you feel overwhelmed, please take a time out and help yourself get back on track.  It's the right thing to do.

I would love to hear your comments on what you do to recharge or escape.  Please feel free to share your thoughts below.


  1. Great list! The computer is a big one, every morning I wake up to 40+ emails waiting for me and then I get at least that many throughout the day!

    Thankfully the majority of these are not personal emails which require a response. They are mostly automated updates to blogs that I am following or forums that I am in or newsletters that I read. But still it can get very time consuming!

  2. Nice post. #5 doesn't apply to me, but the rest do, and they really do help. Some others that work for me are taking a long walk with a sweetheart, or sitting in a hot tub.

  3. Thanks Stacy, that's a great way to turn a negative to a positive. Instead of complaining about receiving so many emails, you point out that they are mostly automated, so no response necessary. This is what I like about you and your blog. Your energy really comes through in your words. Thanks for your comment!

  4. You are so right, we need time to recharge. I usually hit the wall and crash (usually taking family down with me!). I need to implement some of your techniques before the wall comes up on me! I would like to try the meditate part every day.

  5. Thank you Serene and LakeMom for your feedback. We all run into these low days, and I think it's important to take time out for ourselves. I appreciate your comments very much.

  6. Hiya!

    I'm here from the "mature bloggers" thread at SITS - what a lovely job you're doing here! I can feel a very peaceful energy coming from your site (writing and layout) and a nice positivity.

    I wish I could get myself meditating. I keep resisting it for some reason so good for you doing it and keeping up with it!

  7. Typed a comment and it got lost. Sorry! Came to visit from #31dbbb. Now following!

  8. Hi Stacy, I like your posts,it gives good practical advice in our everyday lives. Just want you to know that for some reason I can't email you back when you leave a comment on my post. Thanks for the comments...


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