Friday, August 20, 2010

Could Have, Should Have, Would Have

This poem was inspired by a conversation that I was having with my significant other.  

I could have been outgoing,
But instead I turned out shy.
I should have been an artist,
But instead I didn't try.
I would have been more prettier,
But instead I turned out plain.
I could have better clothes,
But instead I just complained.
I should have been a long term worker,
Producing and doing well.
But instead they laid me off last year,
It hurts but you couldn't tell.
I should have been real angry,
I had the right to be.
I could have been depressed,
It would have made sense to me.
Instead the door had closed.
It was time to move on now.
I had to figure out what to do,
But I didn't quite know how.
I wrote the resume again
And practiced my interview skill.
I even learned to Twitter
And I volunteered at will.
I trusted that my brand new path
Would be better than before.
I focused on improving my attitude and skills,
And found strength in doing more.
I found comfort in my silence,
And listened to my soul.
I found love and joy and compassion and peace,
It's part of being whole.
Could have, should have, would have,
Does not change what's meant to be.
So I accepted and was grateful
To start new again and be free.

What we learn from any setback helps us to more forward.  This journey is about finding your strength.  Don't give up hope.

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