Sunday, July 11, 2010

Smile, It Helps You Feel Better

Every moment you get is a gift. Spend it on things that matter. Don’t spend it by dwelling on unhappy things.

As soon as my emotions get battered or bruised by a certain family member, it drains all the energy from me.  Nothing feels worse than someone who knows how to make me feel so guilty for something I did or didn’t do.  I have a tendency of feeling so bad that I make myself miserable for the rest of the day.

When that happens to you, do you let an incident control your mind-set for the rest of the day?   Or do you share your problem with a friend to get a different point of view?   Thankfully, I have a close person to talk to.  My significant other has sense of humor that helps to alleviate my heaviness.  As I continue to dwell  in my unhappy mood, he’ll make a corny joke to see if he can get a reaction.  Or, sometimes he’ll make an off-the-wall comment about a commercial or a scene he just saw on TV.  If he catches me rolling my eyes, it usually follows with a smile or chuckle from me.  Then he’ll remark “Ah it’s nice to see you smiling again.  I like to see you smile.”

Again, I am reminded of how blessed I am to have a best friend and to be here today.  Being able to smile again takes heart and spirit to forgive myself, my family, and the situation.  It’s not healthy to hang on to depressed feelings and wishing you can hurt someone as much as it hurts you.  One thing I learned from reading other self-motivational or self-inspirational material, is that we are all loving beings.  Despite all the hurt, the strong emotions, and the disagreements, in the end we must let it go by smiling, forgiving, helping each other, and loving each other.  And I am prompted to never forget my “Ten Sunny Ways” list.

Speaking of smiling, I just read “Stuck in the Hurry-Up Mode?” by Loretta Laroche, a consultant who encourages humor to deal with stress.  The basic message of this article is to slow down and live, but she has such a comical way of promoting her message that I couldn’t stop laughing. Take a moment and enjoy both reading and watching her short video.  It’ll put a smile on your face too!


  1. I find that I'm too often stuck in "hurry up mode". I've learned to take a moment to "smell the roses" whenever I find myself getting impatient with life and circumstances. Too often I rush through life and I miss so much when I do so. Taking time to appreciate the little things is so important.

    Thanks for sharing that link!

  2. Ashley,

    You're very welcome. I'm guilty too of moving too fast. We live in a fast-paced world and if you don't keep up you miss out. But it is important to slow down once in a while (just to keep our sanity) :-)


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