Sunday, June 6, 2010

Stay Healthy

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. 

I just read an article today in my local newspaper that the longer you are unemployed (6 months or more), the less unemployable you become. The article states it is because your skills can erode, your confidence becomes less, and your contacts dry up.

Well, as a 27-year laidoff office worker (for more than 6 months), I cannot even begin to think that I am unemployable! These are the toughest times to find a job, because the whole landscape is turned upside down! “What’s down is up and what’s up is down” to quote a phrase from a TV show I saw once. It is difficult to stay motivated (it takes a strong discipline), but it must be done! No wonder people’s health and well-being starts to decline. For myself, I have the option to buy into this doom and gloom, or defiantly face it head on and remain diligent to the end.

The way I look at it, this is a great opportunity to reinvent myself. But I must also stay healthy and positive as much as possible. I make an effort to watch what I eat, exercise, stay in contact with people through networking sites, and take vitamins regularly. I’ve become a great believer in taking natural supplements. There is one company that I respect and order all my natural health products, and that is If you use this referral code LIB052 at checkout you can save an extra $5 off your first order. Check out their website at

I believe we must be responsible for our own health and well-being, if we’re going to survive this downturn. Besides, if you’re sick all the time, then you are unemployable and I know that too many of us are talented to let that happen. Stay healthy!

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