Sunday, June 13, 2010

Feed Your Soul

Last week I attended a very intriguing “Soul Collage” class. I originally was not planning to attend, but due to a change in schedule, I decided to take this class to see what it was about. It is a process where you create personal cards by cutting out images from magazines, post cards, photos, etc, and pasting them to make a collage. The images can be anything that draws or resonates with you. Sometimes it’s the colors, or the scenery, or perhaps you’re not even sure at all except that the image attracted you. It’s a self-discovery exercise whereby you engage your intuitive/creative mind to express your soul through these cards.
I must say, I was pleasantly surprised when we began this project. My inner child came out to play for the first time in years. Cutting out pictures and pasting them to a card is so very low tech in today’s high tech world. The only tools we used were scissors and glue. It felt like I was back in grammar school cutting pieces of construction paper (with our rounded scissors) and dipping our fingers into white paste and smearing it all over the back to make the paper stick! (Of course, today we used glue sticks.) It was a wonderful form of self-therapy for me.
We exercised our creativity and our minds doing this project. I walked away feeling inspired and eager to make more. I nourish my soul often through meditation, prayer and yoga. Now, I have another way to add to my journey of self-discovery.
What have you done for your soul lately? If your inspiration comes from painting, knitting, playing with your children or pets, gardening, or whatever your passion is, I hope you find ways to stay inspired and feed your soul.

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